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How It Works

It's so SIMPLE. You get a brand-new book from our Editor's Selection delivered to your door on the third Tuesday of every month (or Wednesday if following a Bank Holiday Monday). In months containing five Tuesdays (excluding February in leap years) you get TWO books, on the second and fourth Thursday. Members of our Executive Bookworm Club (or Premier Plan if joined before August 1998) also receive a Bonus Novelette on alternate months for extended approval, up to a maximum of ten Novelettes until you have purchased five Editor's Selection titles or two Novelettes from our Heritage Collection before the end of our Introductory Offer period or within three months of joining unless you are an Executive Club member or have not yet chosen two Bonus Novelettes. If you decide to keep your Editor's Selection or Bonus Novelette if received in the same or following month as an Editor's Selection there is NOTHING MORE TO DO other than return the acceptance card indicating your preference for either an Additional Bonus Heritage Novelette or for up to 15 additional Author Accumulator points (Author Accumulator points can be used towards Executive membership renewal or converted to the equivalent Chapter Credits which can be used against subsequent purchases of one of our Regular Titles in conjunction with either an Editor's Selection or two Heritage Novelettes). If you do not wish to keep your Editor's Choice or Bonus Novelette, simply return it by hand within two hours of receipt to our Customer Care Centre, Stornoway and your account will be credited.