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David Coperfield

by Edmund Wells

The latest offering from this accomplished but unpopular author, brought to you exclusively as Book-of-the-Month Club members.

Another masterpiece - Nigel McNigel, Daily Thing

Current Offers

The Gospel According To Charlie Drake

Erich von Andifred

In his latest blockbuster, von Andifred leads us through an astonishing - yet sometimes tragic - adventure starting with the mysterious 13th Disciple, continuing via the Plains of Nazca and the inexplicable contents of a British Rail sandwich, to its gripping conclusion in the attic of a slightly famous English entertainer.

How to Put Your Budgie Down

Will Noddie

Another essential guide in the "How To Put ... Down" series. Every aspect is covered, from the societal dangers of lavatorial disposal, to a comprehensive guide to appropriate weaponry. One thing's for sure, you won't be putting this book down!!!

The Book of Armaments

The Monks of Lavache

A unique illuminated medieval manuscript, and when we say unique we mean UNIQUE! Just one copy of this amazing work is available EXCLUSIVELY to Book-of-the-Month Club Executive Members. And for a fantastic price of only £3.99* - cheaper than many paperback novels!

*Plus £13,500,000 postage, packing and insurance (UK & ROI). For worldwide shipping, add another £2.

Special Offer

Free Dung!