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The latest from Slater-Methuen: a Wonderful New Coffee-Table Book:

A Complete History of World Art and Everything Else By Eydie Gormé. An ideal coffee-table book. Comes complete with 4 attractive mahogany-style legs which screw into each corner of this beautifully produced art work. The cover is an exquisite detail from Caraveggio's `Rape of Lucrece', covered in laminated plastic to withstand the most unpleasant stains.

Other Wonderful Bargains

The Complete Works of Virginia Woolf in high-quality asbestos. Line your fireplace with Night and Day, Jacob's Room, To the Lighthouse. Yes! This new edition of Virginia Woolf retains the heat all through the night.

At Last! A chance to wear one of England's greatest novels. The new flimsy nylon edition of The Mayor of Casterbridge. This exciting exploration of love, guilt and failure in 19th-century Dorchester can be worn as a nightie or as an eye-catching adornment to any cocktail or evening dress. You'll find all eyes on you when you wear The Mayor of Casterbridge (£4.95).

For the commercial traveller or the busy bachelor - the Drip-dry edition of Dead Souls by Nicolai Gogol. This great Russian novel can be washed through in the evening, hung in the bathroom overnight, and be clean and fresh in the morning.
Needs no ironing

Kids ... shy, embarrassed ...? Going through that difficult time when you think your face will never look lovely? Well, here, for you is the Teen-Read Edition of thr Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam complete with retractable hinged arm for dealing with facial problems. Tears off scabs, bursts pimples and rubs on Valderma while you are interested in the exciting, mysterious world of Omar Khayyam.

For the discerning intellectual ... the the first All Nude Version of Pride and Prejudice. See Jane Austen's immortal characters in a variety of interesting positions. All nude!

Other Great Beaver Classics:

War and Peace:
The Battle on the Ice - see everything!
The Ascent of F6:
Derek and Nigel explore the kitchen - and each other!
Hard Times:
Puts the Dick back in Dickens. Foreword by Rod Laver.

In next week's Books and Bookmen (and not Fish)

Barry Bucknell shows you how to make a bathroom extension from the works of Zola. The Royal Signals Reading Champion tells how he hopes to jump the Complete Works of G. K. Chesterton - on a motor-bike! And 'Was Milton really batty?' - a new and controversial look at the seventeenth-century poet and writer, by one of Jacques Cousteau's most trusted divers.
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